Labradors make a great pet. If you are planning to bring a Labrador pup home or adopting one from a rescue center you may have to buy a crate for your dog. As an owner it is essential to know which size crate would be suitable for your new comer. Crates provide a secure and comfortable sleeping area for your dog when he or she wants to rest. As the pups have the habit of chewing everything that comes across its way buying a crate for them will help you safeguard your valuable possessions. Let us see what size of crate would be more suitable for your Labrador.

It costs you dearly when you are looking to buy a crate for your Labrador; therefore it is important that you choose the right crate. Crates are available in different styles and type while fabric crates are helpful to carry your pup to the camping spot the plastic crates help you simply transport it anywhere you go. However, buying a strong metal crate will be highly useful if you have to take your pet in a car and bring him or her back home too often. Go through that provides you suggestions on buying the right crate for your pet.

When buying crate for an adult lab you will require either 36 or 42 inches crate. This actually refers to the length of the crate and width will vary depending on the make. The 42” is best suited for huge Labradors. Ensure that they do not bang their head against the ceiling and were able turn around or stretch their legs freely.

Putting a pup Labrador in a big crate is not a good idea as he might use one end of the crate as a toilet. Provide a small space to sleep comfortably for about four month initially. If you want to buy a large crate for your growing pup you can buy a divider to facilitate him with the required space alone. Crates are very useful when you cannot watch your puppy and have to spend time for family or other household chores.