Drones are gadgets that everyone wants from children to adults its a hot tech-toy. There are few things to consider before making a purchase, which is about not getting caught in the hype and making a good decision and buying the right drone for the right price. There are loads of great places to find a drone like https://www.starwalkkids.com/toys/tech/best-drone-kids/ which have a large range of drones for both kids and adults who are serious about buying a drone and want great advice.

Shop around before buying?

Make sure not to just pick any old drone or one online without doing your homework. Is this drone for you or your child? There is a big difference in the types of drone and it important to make sure you do put something too difficult in the hands of a child. Some drones are very expensive and can be damaged very easily, so make sure you match price with experience.

Things to Consider before picking a drone for your kid

  1. All drones must be registered and the federal aviation administration wants all drone weighing more than 0.55 lbs and less than 55 pounds.
  2. Make sure the drone is compatible with your mobile device otherwise you will not be able to control the drone or view via the camera display.
  3. Drones are not easy to fly and you will want to make sure you give the right drone to the right child. Some kids take time to develop their hand-eye coordination, so starting with a beginners drone is advisable.
  4. Make sure to follow the flying guidelines which are issued with he FFA. For example, you should not fly higher than 400 feet above the ground or out of sight.
  5. Make sure to fly with care and respect. Flying etiquette is important and certain areas need to be avoided like schools, educational establishments and airports are places to avoid with a drone.