Do you love watching BTS? Do you love K-pop? Do you describe yourself as a “Koreaboo”? Well if you do you should know these 7 K-pop terms that every boy or girl band in the industry uses constantly so you don’t get left behind in the dust.

The first term is Ajuuma, which is a Korean word meaning “middle-aged woman who is married”. These people are stereotyped for having short hair and wearing house dresses everywhere. This reflects the very real phenomenon of 30-40-year-old Korean wives who are working in the house and part time in work.

The second term is Andwae, which expresses shock or “no way!” Type feeling, used in situations of surprise or disbelief, this is something that you would yell if for example you saw something outrageous out of Trump’s mouth. “Andwae! Trump just tweeted he’s divorcing Melania for a new Russian wife!”.

The third term is Army, Army is English but it is used a lot because almost every male singer in K-pop is obligated to join the Korean Army at age 18. This is used quite a lot when those said singers return from their service and show off their nice new body from working out constantly.

The fourth term is a Chaebol, Chaebol means a wealthy heir of a family fortune, almost every major K-pop star has been cast as a Chaebol at least once in their careers. Chaebols are one of the most stereotypical terms used in Korean dramas and K-pop songs because it reflects the real life occurrence of rich Korean heirs who have way too much money and time on their hands.

Honorary Mentions:

  • Choding, Choding means to be immature or act childish.
  • Daebak, used to praise something “Daebak! My friend got me this nice BTS hoodie for my birthday!”
  • Fandomu, Fandomu means K-pop fans in general.