Read on to you the important tips for buying electronics overseas:

International warranty:  When you buy electronics overseas check whether they come with international warranty.  You need this especially if you are planning to come back to the home country in a few years or if you are a multi-national traveler.  Certain products have warranties in the US and Canada alone.

Versions ahead of your home country:  Normally there are high possibilities of getting versions ahead of your home country.

Customs:  Check about the customs regulation hurdles that might arise when you go back to home country.  The amount involved should not be exorbitant.

VAT savings:  Be aware that, in most nations, while leaving, overseas travelers are entitled to claim back the VAT amount paid while buying electronics.  Don’t fail to avail this.

Adaptor:  Check what is required to use the gadget in other countries.  Buy adaptors so that you do not find it difficult while traveling to a different place.

Leading brands:  Always buy good quality products.  Poor quality ones may be cheaper but imagine what if it causes an electrical accident during usage.  In a new place, you may not be always aware of whom to be reached out in case of emergency.  Keep a list of electrical service professionals like  in hand.

Price difference:  Most goods are cheap overseas.  Certain goods are costlier.  Check this aspect before you travel.

Buy only what you need:  If you are buying electronics specifically for the staying period in overseas, please check whether your hotel offers this as a part of the rent package.  If so, do not spend unnecessarily.

Usability in home country:  Certain electronics have limited compatibility.  Their use in your home country may not be practically possible.  If so sell them before you leave overseas and earn some money.  Especially remember this in case of mobile phones because few of the models do not work in other nations.