What would we be doing without the convenience of online shopping?

I have gotten so used to buying my stuff online that now I find it so difficult to hit a store. I mean it’s good to go out with friends or chill out alone but in times of emergency and when I am chock-a-block with work, the last thing on my mind is to get dressed, navigate heavy traffic and then go to the mall to pick up things. I have recently begun grocery shopping from home too!

But an article that I read a couple of weeks ago about the risks of shopping on the internet has got me thinking how safe are we exactly when we type in our credit card details and personal pin? By the way, I am shopping on so many sites that I don’t even remember which site has my credit card details already registered.

There are some really safe websites for shopping like the nidm.net. But for all the rest, I suggest that you read the following list carefully and make sure to be safe the next time you are virtually carrying your cart across the virtual aisles of the online markets.

  1. Install a good malware detecting system;
  2. Mend any vulnerabilities that you may have in your personal computers and keep your privacy setting at the maximum;
  3. Do not indiscriminately share your credit card details unless you know the vendor well and you know it is trustworthy;
  4. Credit cards are a safer bet than a debit card for the simple reason that the credit card has a payment and a date limit but debit card debts the cash instantly for your bank account;
  5. Check to see if the payment gateway of the vendor is securely encrypted. If not done, your personal data including the card details are at risk;
  6. Copy of the order can be printed and stored until the order reaches you;
  7. Go for frequent password changes and stronger passwords each time, please.
  8. Caveat emptor is the rule which means ‘buyers beware’. If a deal looks like a steal, do your research before jumping in for it. Check to see the credibility of the vendor before spilling in your card details.